Two Minutes With Tilly Featuring Narinder From ARV Chassis
July 16, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes With Tilly featuring Narinder from ARV Chassis

Tilly Rexhepi: Welcome to another episode of Two Minutes with Tilly. Today I’ve got the pleasure of speaking to Narinder from ARV Chassis. Welcome, Narinder.

Narinder: Thank you. How are you?

Tilly Rexhepi: Now for everybody that doesn’t know Narinder or ARV Chassis, did you just want to say hello and introduce yourself?

Narinder: Hi everybody. I’m Narinder from ARV Chassis and I’m the director of ARV Chassis. And I’m in this industry say nearly 15 years now and it’s my pleasure. And thanks to Tilly and Retreat Caravans team-

Tilly Rexhepi: You’re welcome.

Narinder: … to bring us here and introduce myself.

Tilly Rexhepi: Now, Narinder, this is your first interview, but I’ve got it on good authority that you used to be a part of the cast from Home and Away. Is this true or false?

Playback: You’re flaming kidding.

Narinder: False.

Tilly Rexhepi: False. Okay. So you didn’t a play a part with Alf Stewart, no?

Narinder: No.

Tilly Rexhepi: Okay. The flaming alarm must’ve been lying to me then. Enough about Home and Away then. Narinder, why don’t you tell us something that you’re very passionate about? Tell us a little bit about ARV Chassis, how long you guys have been making chassis for in the caravan industry, and something that some of the viewers might not know about ARV.

Narinder: I started to make the chassis for caravan industry in 2007, so I’m still making it.

Tilly Rexhepi: That’s nearly 15 years?

Narinder: Nearly 15 years.

Tilly Rexhepi: Fantastic.

Narinder: So I have a very good experience with the chassis and how they work. And I started my own business with my business partner, Harry, nearly 12 years ago. Since then we are making the chassis as a business, to all the other manufacturers.

Tilly Rexhepi: And your business is really rapidly growing in the last five years as well?

Narinder: Yes.

Tilly Rexhepi: I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but from what you were making to what you are making now with the booming industry and all of the Retreat Caravans, you can find them on an ARV chassis, which is, I guess, a nice little feather in your cap as well?

Narinder: Yes, it is. Yeah.

Tilly Rexhepi: Now, you also now make truss chassis I believe. Is that right?

Narinder: Yes.

Tilly Rexhepi: Yeah. So you’ve made a lot for Retreat Caravans and our truss chassis look probably like the sexiest on the market, I must say.

Narinder: Yes, yes. That’s true. And actually, I would say that thanks to Shaz.

Tilly Rexhepi: Got to thank Shaz for that, absolutely.

Narinder: Yeah, he’s the one who actually said, “Why we can’t do the trust chassis?” I said, “Of course we can.”

Tilly Rexhepi: The benefit of the truss chassis, Narinder?

Narinder: Actually I would say the first, you can look, it’s the look… give you that-

Tilly Rexhepi: It does have that wow factor.

Narinder: Yes. And also it’s got the strength and also you saving weight as well.

Tilly Rexhepi: So the strength is still there of course?

Narinder: Of course.

Tilly Rexhepi: Right. But it does save weight because caravans are getting heavier now because everyone wants a lot more things on them.

Narinder: Yes. These days.

Tilly Rexhepi: Yeah. Beautiful. All right. Narinder, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk. You have to kidnap one, work with one, and drink with one. Which one would it be?

Narinder: I will kidnap Donald Trump and I would love to have a drink with Michael Jordan.

Tilly Rexhepi: Some stories in there.

Narinder: Yeah. And I will work with Elon Musk.

Tilly Rexhepi: Elon Musk. Have you heard of Dogecoin?

Narinder: Just a little bit. Not much.

Tilly Rexhepi: Yeah. So let’s just get the Dogecoin numbers up. I’ve got a lot invested in it. All right. Narinder, if anyone wants to find out more about ARV Chassis where could they go?


Tilly Rexhepi: All right. Narinder, it’s been a pleasure having you here and for me, do you mind if we have a selfie?

Narinder: Yes.

Tilly Rexhepi: Fantastic. Thank you, Narinder.


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