2 Minutes With Tilly Featuring David Bayliss From BMPRO
July 02, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes With Tilly featuring David Bayliss from BMPRO

Tilly Rexhepi: Welcome to another episode of Two Minutes with Tilly. Today, I’ve got the pleasure of having Dave on the segment from BMPRO. Dave, nice to meet you, aye.

David Bayliss: Likewise.

Tilly Rexhepi: Dave, for our viewers that don’t know yourself or your product, why don’t you introduce yourself and what you do at BMPRO?

David Bayliss: Sure, no worries at all. Thanks for the invite to coming along. My name’s David Bayliss. I am the BMPRO ambassador. What we do is we provide a range of power electronics and switching systems and user interfaces into the RV space. So my job is to get out there and promote it and talk about it and help people through different scenarios and show them videos and all those types of things.

Tilly Rexhepi: In English, you know that cool system that we’ve got in our caravans that you could turn your lights on and your pump on?

David Bayliss: That’s the one.

Tilly Rexhepi: You guys supply that to all of our customers.

David Bayliss: That’s the one. Exactly right.

Tilly Rexhepi: Fantastic. Now, Dave, apart from working at BMPROmo, why don’t you tell me a couple of things that only your close mates know about you? You can go deep into the closet if you want. We don’t really judge here on Two Minutes with Tilly.

David Bayliss: Couple of things that people don’t really know about… All right, one thing that people wouldn’t know about that I’ve recently started doing is I breed goats.

Tilly Rexhepi: You breed goats?

David Bayliss: On Mother’s Day, I’ll hang out with all the goats up at the farm and I breed the red Boer goats.

Tilly Rexhepi: Wow.

David Bayliss: So there you go. Most people wouldn’t know that. So that’s a bit of a side hobby, playing with the genetics was nice.

Tilly Rexhepi: Was your goat the goat on the Wog Boy Part Two: King of Mykonos?

David Bayliss: No, I think that one’s already might be on a souvlaki by now.

Tilly Rexhepi: Yeah, fair enough. Extra garlic sauce, no doubt.

David Bayliss: Exactly.

Tilly Rexhepi: What else, Dave?

David Bayliss: What else do I do? Look, what else would people not know about me? I hate sitting behind a desk. I absolutely hate sitting behind the desk, so you might see me out a bit on YouTube and out towing vans around and out in the bush. As much as I can get out there, I do. As much as there’s a lot of work to do in designing the products and working through it all, biggest thing for me is to just get away from my desk as much as possible. I hate emails.

Tilly Rexhepi: Beautiful. I like email because-

David Bayliss: Really?

Tilly Rexhepi: … they can keep me at my desk and I don’t have to go out into the cold too long.

David Bayliss: That’s your job then. You keep that.

Tilly Rexhepi: Now, Dave, you mentioned that you’re obviously designing your products and helping integrate those into the caravans. Why don’t you tell the guys watching at home what kind of products does the Retreat Caravans use from the BMPRO range?

David Bayliss: Yeah, sure. So you’re using a product called the BP35 and the Odyssey system. The beauty of that is what you’ve got is up on the wall in your caravan. You’re going to have a tablet, nice little seven-inch Android tablet that gives you a great interface and display.

Tilly Rexhepi: Size does matter.

David Bayliss: It does, it does indeed, so that’s why we went for the seven. Now, with the power supply, you probably never see that. That sits in a cupboard behind the scenes. You guys get it all wired in and it just basically ticks along, takes in the AC power, solar power, DC power, charges your batteries, powers your loads and all that. The main interface that customers are going to see us with is the screen that you see on the wall.

Tilly Rexhepi: That also integrates onto your phone as well?

David Bayliss: Correct.

Tilly Rexhepi: Okay.

David Bayliss: So now, a lot of the things just moving forward, all that digital technology now, it’s critical that people, they want to see it on their phones. They want to be able to have it in the palm of their hands. Don’t want to have to walk back into the caravan and be able to figure things out. It’s a free app. Most of our systems all come with a free app and the Odyssey definitely comes with its own free app as well.

Tilly Rexhepi: Okay, cool. We also use another one of your products, the MiniBoost.

David Bayliss: Yeah.

Tilly Rexhepi: How does that work, mate?

David Bayliss: Yeah. The MiniBoost is a great one because look, driving from campsite to campsite, it’s a long distance. The car’s producing energy through its alternator and its electrical systems in there, so why not tap into that? If you’ve used your energy up overnight for one reason or another, you’ve got your lights on, stereos, and all those types of things, and then you pack up first thing in the morning, your battery’s likely to be a little bit flat. Solar hasn’t come up yet. Sun hasn’t come up, so solar hasn’t kicked in. What we’re looking for there is to be able to use the car, to be able to recharge the batteries in the caravan whilst you’re actually travelling. Get to the campsite fully charged, ready to go.

Tilly Rexhepi: Fully sick.

David Bayliss: Yeah.

Tilly Rexhepi: Dave, that is a lithium compatible product, the MiniBoost?

David Bayliss: A hundred percent.

Tilly Rexhepi: Okay, cool.

David Bayliss: Look, they’re still expensive at the moment and they are an early adopters product, but we are finding so many people are going into the lithium battery side of it now. The beauty of it is with a lithium battery, more charge, faster charge, lighter in weight goes. It’s actually less than half the weight. Gone are the days of carrying this 20 or 30 kilos-

Tilly Rexhepi: Of course.

David Bayliss: … AGM battery all around. These things are weighing like 12, 13 kilos.

Tilly Rexhepi: Did you know that the BMPRO Odyssey, the MiniBoost, and lithium are all standard on a Retreat Fraser?

David Bayliss: Fantastic. Well done, guys.

Tilly Rexhepi: All right, Dave, I’ve got a tough question for you. Albert Einstein, Jim Carey, and Krusty the Clown. You got to live with one, you’ve got to drink with one, and you’ve got to work with one. Who do you choose?

David Bayliss: All right. Do I get to choose one or just match one up to each of them?

Tilly Rexhepi: Match one to each.

David Bayliss: Match one, all right. Work with Albert Einstein, amazing mind. He would be…

Tilly Rexhepi: I knew you’re going to say that.

David Bayliss: Yeah, I know, a bit of a nerd from that perspective and-

Tilly Rexhepi: I was hoping you’d work with Krusty.

David Bayliss: No. Live with Krusty? That would be fun. That’s just a bundle of laughs. Every day you wake up and he’s just going to be cracking the lip front and centre. I’ll likely drink with Wayne Carey and really get the insights…

Tilly Rexhepi: This is Jim Carrey, but Wayne Carey would actually be a lot better.

David Bayliss: Okay.

Tilly Rexhepi: There’ll be a lot more stories in there probably.

David Bayliss: Yeah. That was slapstick comedy, but I’ll take the Wayne Carey option if that one’s on the table.

Tilly Rexhepi: Yeah, fantastic.

David Bayliss: I want to hear the behind the scenes.

Tilly Rexhepi: Dave, it’s been our pleasure having you on Two Minutes with Tilly. Now, mate, for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about BMPRO, where can they find you guys?

David Bayliss: Yeah. Look, jump onto the team BMPRO website, so that’s teambmpro.com. Got all the details on there, user manuals, videos, 12-volt Guru stuff. We’ve even got a lithium knowledge centre. So for people who want to get more information about what we’re doing with lithium, and you guys are running it, get on there, have a look, and understand it.

Tilly Rexhepi: Beautiful. Cool, mate. It was my pleasure as well as yours.

David Bayliss: Thanks very much.

Tilly Rexhepi: Now, Dave, can we grab a selfie?

David Bayliss: We can. Let’s go for it.

Tilly Rexhepi: Let’s do it.


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