10 Easy Camping Recipes
September 12, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

10 Easy Camping Recipes To Please the Picky Eaters

Are you going on a camping adventure with some picky eaters? Having some easy to cook recipes on hand helps to make it easier for everyone concerned. Please read on for some great recipe ideas.

If the kids or your partner are picky when it comes to food, particularly when camping due to minimal options, don’t fret.

There are still a lot of fun and delicious foods that you can make while on your camping trip.

Whether you’re taking a family caravan adventure or simply packing up a swag, you want to make meals that everyone will love.

With this in mind, try some of the easy and flavoursome recipes below.

1). Sausage and Veggies

A simple way to get picky eaters to enjoy vegetables is to make tasty sausage and veggies in foil.

For this, you simply need a pack of smoked kielbasa sausage (polish sausage or something similar), a bag of baby carrots, and some broccoli florets.

Season the vegetables with garlic powder and onion powder before adding them to the foil with slices of the kielbasa sausage and placing them over the campfire.

Allow the sausage and veggies to cook together over the fire for several minutes until the meat is cooked to perfection and then enjoy the roasted flavour of the sausage and vegetables.

2). Roasted Potatoes

A roasted potato dish is simple, easy to prepare, and quite filling.

You can slice small red potatoes down the middle, rinse them off, and then place them in foil with butter slices and your favourite seasoning blend.

Cook the potatoes over the campfire until they are crisp on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.

These potatoes are great as a side dish, but you can eat them as your main course meal if you want to!

These are a very diverse option. You can add bacon bits, cheese, cream, whatever takes your fancy.

3). Apple and Peanut Butter Slices

If you want to prepare a simple treat to have as a snack, peel some apples, cut them into slices, and then add peanut butter to those slices.

You can eat them just like that or add a few toppings to the peanut butter to give these treats more flavour.

Some of the best toppings to put on your apple slices with peanut butter include shredded coconut and chocolate sprinkles such as Aktavite or Milo.

4). Loaded Fries

Make your own loaded fries while camping by putting frozen fries into foil packs, seasoning them with salt and pepper, and then cooking them over the campfire.

Once the fries are almost crisp, add some of your favourite toppings to them, such as shredded cheese and bacon crumbs and then put them back over the fire for an additional two minutes to melt the cheese and then tuck in!

The loaded fries are sure to be a huge hit for even the pickiest eaters.

5). Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob

Add a flavorful twist to a traditional dish by wrapping your corn on the cob in bacon, placing it in a foil pack, and then put the foil over the campfire for several minutes at a time.

The bacon-wrapped corn on the cob does not take long to cook and it is loaded with so much flavour that you might not even need to put butter on it.

6). Shrimp and Sausage

Another simple foil pack meal that you can make over the campfire is a shrimp and sausage dish.

Slice up pieces of kielbasa sausage (or something similar) and put them in the foil with shrimp.

Add your favourite seasoning, such as Cajun seasoning and then place the foil pack over the campfire until the shrimp are fully cooked.

Some people even like to add corn and other vegetables to the mix.

7). Pizza Pocket

If you have a pie iron, you can make tasty pizza pockets. Place pre-made pizza dough in the pie iron and fill it with pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Place the pie iron over the campfire for several minutes until your pizza is fully cooked and enjoy!

8). Ham and Cheese Biscuits

Open a packet of biscuits such as savoury shapes, and place them inside the pie iron.

Before closing the pie iron, add two slices of cheese and two slices of your favourite type of ham, such as honey ham or tavern ham.

Cook over the campfire for around two minutes and you will have toasty ham and cheese biscuits that are oozing with flavour.

9). Egg-Stuffed Breakfast Potatoes

When you want to make a tasty breakfast dish, place diced potatoes inside your pie iron and then crack an egg on top of those potatoes.

Place the pie iron over the campfire and in just a few minutes you will have egg-stuffed breakfast potatoes that taste delicious.

From there you can add more toppings such as diced bacon and cheese.

10). Toasted Peanut Butter and Jam Raisin Bread Sandwich

Take a traditional peanut butter and jam sandwich to the next level by preparing it on raisin bread.

After you have added the peanut butter and jam to the raisin bread, put it in the pie iron and hold it over the campfire to get it nice and toasted.

This is great for a snack or even a quick and easy breakfast. If you don’t like raisin bread, you can use whatever bread you like.

Try these tasty recipes the next time you go camping with picky eaters. These meals are simple to make, and they taste great, even to those that are quite picky.

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