Nice vans

Shirley Bergin


Lisa McKean

Had our first short trip in our new Retreat Brampton and it's pure luxury! This is our first brand new van after having two second hand vans and we couldn't be happier

Gayle Scott

Our third van, our first brand new home on wheels, our 2013 Fraser retreat. We couldn't be happier.

Julie Richards

Friendly staff that know their products.

Stephen Smith

We have a Retreat Mabel, more than happy with our choice. Can anyone tell me, if there is a group for Retreat owners?

Marg Caslick

Nice people, great vans !

Wendy Minns

Look nice

Kay Mcgowan

everything looks awesome!

Darlene Stewart

Better than the few "best" better than than the rest.

Glynn Blgr